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Radical Transformation: How to Become a Digital Technology Leader, Drive Innovation and Reimagine Your Business

by Jeremy Bower

Paperback –– November 5, 2019
200 pages

If you’re like most business leaders, then you already know that digital technology is rewriting the rules of business. Companies must continuously reinvent their business –– with technology at the core –– or risk being disrupted by others. Most business leaders also know that owning core competencies –– digital technology among them –– is critical for a sustained competitive advantage.

Radical Transformation starts here and moves quickly to answer the question facing many business leaders: how to make digital a core competency and start the work of radically transforming your business.

To guide business leaders as they become technology leaders, Jeremy Bower applies decades of experience driving digital innovation at startups; as a technology consultant working with business and enterprise clients; and as the leader of a global software engineering team for a services company with hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and double-digit growth.

In Radical Transformation, he provides an action-ready digital transformation strategy and tactics for people, culture and technology. Created from first-hand experiences, supplemented by in-depth research, and written in an approachable, non-technical style, each chapter provides the tools you need to drive real innovation and transform your business.