Hi, I’m Jeremy Bower, a business-oriented technology leader with over 20 years of experience and a track record of success leading directors, managers and globally-distributed teams at startups and enterprises in the fields of finance, energy, health sciences, retail and media.

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"Jeremy has long been a role model I look up to as a strong technical mamager, empathetic people leader, and a clear strategic thinker. Jeremy's attention to detail and keen sense of user experience is what sets his work apart, his results oriented approach allowed him to retain, foster, and grow teams of future leaders. An industry veteran, Jeremy's insight and experience in scaling product organizations and technical teams from zero to a hundred is a deep well of knowledge to draw on, and one I've come to rely on over the years."
–– Ahmad Nassri, CTO at #paid
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"Jeremy is an exceptional technical leader and working with him was a great experience. He is focused and methodical with deep strategic and tactical skills. Jeremy's positive and results oriented attitude allowed him to lead an exceptionally productive team as we collaborated on an innovative fintech app with intrinsically many unknowns. It was a pleasure working with Jeremy and I picked up a lot of organizational and leadership skills from him. I hope we get to work together in the future."
–– Gene Sobolev, Founder at Investbest
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"Jeremy is that rare combination: one who is talented at the craft of software development itself, as well as the art of leading software developers. You don't often get to work with one who's quite so good at either of those things, much less both."
–– John Rose, Senior Software Developer