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If you’re like most business leaders, then you already know that digital technology is rewriting the rules of business. It’s giving customers the power of information and choice, and dramatically improving the economics of business. Companies must continuously reinvent their business – with technology at the core – or risk being disrupted by others.

But how do you stay current? Business leaders have busy and demanding schedules. Digital technology is moving quickly. Competition in the marketplace is fierce. The strategies and tactics that worked only a few years ago, might not work today.

I’m Jeremy Bower, a technology leader with decades of experience and a track record of building agile teams that do amazing work. I learned the value of innovation first hand while working at technology startups. As a consultant, I shared that knowledge with business and enterprise customers. I currently lead a global software engineering team that provides the technology driving the double-digit growth of a services company with hundred of millions of dollars in revenue.

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"Jeremy clearly understands the trends and topics in the field and is constantly growing and expanding his expertise."
–– Ahmad Nassri, Principal Architect at Telus Digital
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"Jeremy is self-driven, knowledgeable, and has a broad view of the current market trends and technology developments."
–– Mikhail Fomitchev, Senior Software Engineer at Google
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"Jeremy is a strong software developer with a keen eye and good customer experience instincts."
–– Yarek Kowalik, Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft
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"Jeremy provides a lot of thought leadership. I am impressed with his ability to spot trends, execute proofs of concept and make compelling cases for future technology direction."
–– Jon-David Lacey, Senior Product Development Professional
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"Jeremy is that rare combination: one who is talented at the craft of software development itself, as well as the art of leading software developers. You don't often get to work with one who's quite so good at either of those things, much less both."
–– John Rose, Senior Software Developer

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