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Reliably deliver quality software that delights customers while continuously improving — without the need for ongoing consulting.

High-performance software teams have never been more important, yet so challenging to build.

  • Moving quickly is challenging.
  • Innovating is challenging.
  • Shipping with quality is challenging.
  • Scaling is challenging.
  • Controlling costs is challenging.
  • Security, privacy and compliance are challenging.

Something needs to change.

Struggling to ship software products without the right people, processes and tools costs time and money — both of which are in short supply.

  • Software products are late
  • Problems with product-market fit
  • Competition is innovating faster
  • Complaints about bugs and poor performance
  • Security and privacy concerns
  • Lack of compliance with industry standards
  • Team members not engaged
  • Product costs are too high

Over 20 years of experience in leadership
and software development roles.

Jeremy Bower

When I started my career as a software developer, I joined startups so that I could move quickly with others and invent the future. While we had many successes (two of the startups were acquired), there were also challenges.

I shifted to leadership roles to support teams as they move past these challenges. For over a decade, I focused on learning about the people, processes and tools that enable software teams to perform at a high-level.

Today, I consult with organizations to build high-performance software teams that delight customers by quickly and reliably shipping quality products.

  • Track record of success leading software teams at startups, small and midsize buisinesses, one with over $700 million in revenue, in the areas of healthcare, life sciences, clean energy, finance, retail and media
  • Increased software development capacity by 2-10x at startups by reorganizing teams, training agile methodologies, simplifying software development workflows, and introducing workflow automation
  • Maximized product impact and innovation by aligning tasks with business goals
  • 10+ years of hands-on software development experience building web, mobile and cloud applications, including at two startups that were acquired
  • 10+ years of technology leadership experience as VP and CTO
  • 3000+ hours of agile leadership experience
  • Degrees in computer science and business
  • Certificates in agile leadership, agile product management, cloud computing, machine learning, and advanced cybersecurity
Ahmad Nassri

Ahmad Nassri

Chief Technology Officer

"Jeremy has long been a role model I look up to as a strong technical manager, empathetic people leader, and a clear strategic thinker. Jeremy's attention to detail and keen sense of user experience is what sets his work apart, his results oriented approach allowed him to retain, foster, and grow teams of future leaders. An industry veteran, Jeremy's insight and experience in scaling product organizations and technical teams from zero to a hundred is a deep well of knowledge to draw on, and one I've come to rely on over the years."

Gene Sobolev

Gene Sobolev

VP Data Science

"Jeremy is an exceptional technical leader and working with him was a great experience. He is focused and methodical with deep strategic and tactical skills. Jeremy's positive and results oriented attitude allowed him to lead an exceptionally productive team as we collaborated on an innovative fintech app with intrinsically many unknowns. It was a pleasure working with Jeremy and I picked up a lot of organizational and leadership skills from him. I hope we get to work together in the future."

John Rose

John Rose

Senior Software Engineer

"Jeremy is that rare combination: one who is talented at the craft of software development itself, as well as the art of leading software developers. You don't often get to work with one who's quite so good at either of those things, much less both."

Let's build high-performance
software teams.

We'll work together in four phases to discover, direct, plan and implement.

These phases form a loop. With each cycle, the teams become happier, more innovative and more impactful.

Diagram showing phases: Discover, Direct, Plan, Implement

Phase 1: Discover

  • Discuss goals, challenges, products, workflows and technologies
  • Identify what's needed to enable high-performance software teams
  • Define objectives and key results
  • Create a roadmap for transformative change

Phase 2: Direct

  • Direct each team to make meaningful, measurable progress in 3 months or less

Phase 3: Plan

  • Teams select the next target condition of the product
  • Teams identify the resources and workflows they need
  • Each team member builds a sense of ownership and accountability

Phase 4: Implement

  • Teams focus on delivering results
  • Teams use a scientific approach that allows them to learn and overcome challenges
  • Teams make progress towards the next target condition of the product — and ultimately towards the business goal


At the end of an iteration, the product will be in a new condition or the teams will have gained valuable insights. The cycle repeats.

Over time, teams learn to continuously improve and innovate. They no longer need ongoing consulting.

Image of the globe with locations marked

International experience.
Based in Canada.

Experience leading remote teams with product,
design and technology members in the US, Canada,
Europe, South America, Middle East, Asia and Australia.

Happy and innovative software teams that delight customers don't just happen…
it takes years of experience.

Get in touch today to learn more.